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Healthcare Clinic

In 2008, AROH opened up a community healthcare clinic in Magadda next to the temporary St. Paul's Primary school. The clinic was built over the course of two years with funding from AROH-USA and from Ted Athanas and family.


The clinic has now been in operation almost four years and provides basic services to the surrounding community such as pre- and post-natal care and education. Treatment, vaccination, and education around HIV/AIDS (many of the children attending school at St. Paul's have been infected), malaria, and other diseases.

The clinic is funded mainly through donor and government support. Although the clinic has some onsite permanent nursing and support staff, there is no permanent onsite physician present, one of the future goals of AROH.


Medical supplies and equipment are also an ongoing need to keep the clinic going. In 2010, solar power was integrated into the building design allowing for better functioning in evening/late night hours.

Although the clinic faces many challenges ahead, it is already quite clearly a success with members of the community, as demonstrated below!