AROH USA is an American non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2006 to support AROH-Uganda which operates two schools, a health clinic, a women's micro-finance program, and provides ongoing community support in the outlying districts of Jinja, Uganda. AROH stands for Aim for Restoration Of Hope.

History and Where We Are Now

AROH-Uganda was founded in Uganda in 2000 by Ronald Mugabi, who is the current Director of AROH.
Both organizations' mission is to help the children of the villages around Ronald's hometown support themselves as they grow up to be adults. The majority of the children AROH helps are afflicted with HIV/AIDS.
AROH currently runs two schools in Wairaka (Divine Hope) and Magadda (St. Paul's); assists with an orphanage in the village of Kiboyo; and has completed
the construction of two orphanage buildings and a health center in Magadda. (See the Opening Celebration photos on Flickr.) The charity also assists with the education of teenagers through a small computer training school and funds classes for local women to train in skills such as manufacturing clothing as well as arts and crafts. A micro-finance program for women is in development.
From a grassroots level, our work in fundraising ensures over 80% of the money we collect goes to the children and the families served by AROH-Uganda. The remaining 20% of our fundraising efforts pays for teachers and administrative staff salaries. Over $120,000 has been raised. If you can help, no matter how small the donation, it would be appreciated by all the kids and families of AROH.
AROH-USA staff work for the benefit of all in AROH in our free time. All of the work we do for AROH is done for no financial gain. We all just want to help others.

Ronald Mugabi, founder, AROH-Uganda, and Alan Locke, founder, AROH-USA

PLEASE NOTE: Our old website at aroh-usa.com crashed. We are in the process of building this new site -- please excuse our appearance while we are under construction. The old site is still visible through the wonders of the "Wayback Machine" at
http://web.archive.org/web/20080601230106/http://aroh-usa.com/default.aspx if you would like more detailed immediate information. Thanks for your understanding!

Recent News

  • St. Paul's School Construction Almost Complete
    Ronald Mugabi and his team at AROH-Uganda have been very busy working to complete the St. Paul's construction. Here's a recent photo of the building with plaster, roof and windows:

    (Note: if you click on the image, you can see a much larger version.)

    Ronald has let us know he still needs some funding for the floors of the building and the headmaster's (principal's) office as well as building a small secure storage area so that items do not need to be moved every day to the health clinic to prevent theft.

    Alan Locke was able to fit in a quick trip across in July and sent back a few pictures of the progress as well as some great shots of the kids during a breaktime at St. Paul's. You can see all the fun at this Flickr slideshow (click on the image or the link below):

    In addition, AROH hosted some good friends from Sydney, Australia, who have been supporting the kids for several years now, Geoff and Ros Wheaton. Geoff also demonstrated a few special magic tricks from Oz for the kids at both St. Paul's and Divine Hope to the delight of all (again, you can click on the image or the link below for the slideshow):

    Ronald has also reported that progress is being made in landscaping, planting and clearing the grounds around the school for a playing field and gardens.

    More updates coming soon on AROH's Women's Empowerment and the Health Center.

    Thank-you for your support!

    Posted Aug 13, 2012, 11:31 AM by Heather McConnell
  • A Roof and a Kitchen - Finishing Touches
    The permanent structure for St. Paul's school is almost complete except for a few minor details including a roof for the Head Teacher's office and a small outdoor structure for the kitchen. Here are a few recent pictures (you can click on them to see a larger image on a separate page):


    However, there are a few finishing touches that still need to be added, including a roof for the Head Teacher's Office and an outdoor kitchen. (The picture at the right is of the previous outdoor kitchen near the clinic location which can no longer be used but which shows what the new one should look like.)


    Roof Needed for the Head Teacher's Office!

    The current temporary "kitchen" at St. Paul's.

    We are currently raising a small amount of money, $250, to finish off these projects. If you would like to contribute to this mini-campaign, you can donate through our Facebook Cause campaign under Aim for Restoration of Hope - USA - General Donation Cause, or just contact us directly.

    To see how much we've raised, just check out our Projects Page.

    Posted Jun 26, 2012, 11:19 AM by Heather McConnell
  • Carwash Fundraiser
    Some friends of AROH recently got together to raise funds by staging a car wash in their hometown outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ale Tejeda and Zoe Eiseman designed signs, and along with friends, worked hard to raise money for the children of AROH. Here are a few pictures from Ale's mom, Lisa Tejeda. Ale and Zoe, "Alestar and the AllStars," also participated in a local protest supporting the Invisible Children's recent campaign against Joseph Kony. Thank-you Ale, Zoe, and all your friends, for your support of AROH! 



    Posted Jun 9, 2012, 4:56 PM by Heather McConnell
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